AmpliFLY™ Technology Amplifies The Possibilities

Up to 30 Alternate Routing Options May Be Available
For Each Empty Leg

Our patent-pending technology amplifies the possibilities. By reviewing each individual empty leg, our system looks for additional cities and airports along the way and offers them to you when operationally feasible.


  • Assesses each of DPJ’s eligible empty legs and looks for desirable alternate airports to offer along the route of flight
  • Offers up to 30 top locations for a client’s travel needs, based upon the original empty leg route and operational feasibility, for booking*
  • Ensures that the additional offering(s) can be completed operationally without impacting any other customers
  • Allows you to view all expanded empty leg options in real time at or with the Delta Private Jets mobile app
  • Allows you to select up to 10 preferred airports and receive push notifications to your mobile device when empty leg flights are available

*First come, first served. Only one expanded leg can be booked for each empty leg.

Chicago. Detroit. Pittsburgh. Cleveland. Just some of your options when we fly between empty between New York and Milwaukee.

We AmpliFLY™. You Choose.


Just look for the Expanded Leg notation when viewing empty legs at