Applicable to all Empty Leg Bookings

How do I gain access to Delta Private Jets' empty legs?

By becoming a Sky Access member or, for existing Jet Card members, opting for Empty Leg access at an additional monthly fee.

How can empty legs be booked?

You may use your log-in credentials to log on to the website, www.DeltaPrivateJetsShuttle.com, or to the Delta Private Jets Mobile App.

When are empty legs available for booking?

From 24 hours to 4 hours prior to scheduled departure time.

Are empty legs available for individual purchase?

No, empty legs are available for booking by joining one of our membership programs.

Will I have to share the aircraft?

No, a customer who books an empty leg books the entire aircraft.

What is an expanded empty leg?

Expanded legs are additional city pair offerings associated with an existing route that are available for booking. These legs are created using our AmpliFLY, our patent-pending technology that offers additional travel options when available.

Are international empty legs available?

A very limited number, to and from specific US airports, with near 24/7 Customs availability.

Are airports and times flexible? Can I change either?

Requests may be considered but are not guaranteed and are unlikely to be granted.

Can the aircraft be changed?

Yes, aircraft type or size is not guaranteed and either can be changed based on operational needs.

Could a fuel stop be added?

Yes, non-stop performance is not guaranteed.

What if there is a schedule change or irregular operation before departure?

While legs may be recovered; it is highly unlikely. Cancellation is expected. Recovery is not guaranteed and is highly unlikely at all times.

Can I order catering and ground transportation?

Yes. It will be deducted from either your Jet Card balance or charged to the credit card on file for Sky Access members. A standard 15% administration fee is applied.

Will I have to pay for catering or ground transportation if there is a cancellation?

If the empty leg is cancelled by Delta Private Jets Shuttle due to a service interruption or cancellation, the catering and ground charges may still be assessed, as well as the administrative fee.

What if I cancel a booked empty leg?

You may be charged $500.

What if I do not show for a booked empty leg?

You may be charged $500.

Can I view historical empty legs offered?

Yes, select Empty Leg History when visiting www.DeltaPrivateJetsShuttle.com.

Sky Access Member Empty Leg Access

What is the Sky Access program?

A membership program that provides fixed hourly rate private jet travel and empty leg access.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, the first year is $8500 and thereafter $6000 annually. Rates for subsequent years may vary.

Is there a fee for empty leg bookings?

No, there is not an additional per-leg cost. Access is provided by paying the membership fee.

Can I view available empty legs before purchasing?

Yes, a demo option is available by registering at https://www.deltaprivatejets.com/sky-access-registration/. You will be able to view, but not book, currently available empty legs.

Where can I join or receive more information about the Sky Access program?

On the Delta Private Jets’ website at https://www.deltaprivatejets.com/program/sky-access/.

Jet Card Member Empty Leg Access

How do I receive empty leg access as an active Jet Card member?

Is there a fee for access?

Yes, a monthly fee may be deducted from your Jet Card balance. Contact Sales for specific pricing information.

Are program fees pro-rated?

A contract that starts mid-month will be pro-rated; contracts always end at the end of the calendar month and that ending month will not be pro-rated.

Can I view available empty legs before signing up?

Yes, use your Client Portal login credentials at the website https://deltaprivatejetsshuttle.com/find-a-trip/ to view, but not book, our currently available empty legs.

Will I be required to sign an agreement?


What is the term duration of the agreement?

6 months, automatically renewing for the duration of the Jet Card agreement. To cancel the automatic renewal, you must provide 30 days written notice to info@DeltaPrivateJetsShuttle.com. The initial 6 months is not refundable.

Will I need to complete a new Jet Card Empty Leg Agreement at each Jet Card renewal?